Product Description

The structure of the passbox will depend on the customer’s requirements. And there will be main components as follows:

– The frame material is made from electrostatically painted steel or high-quality stainless steel 304.
– Toughened glass door creates a smooth, shiny flat surface, allowing visibility into the interior, enhancing aesthetics, and ensuring safety for users.
– Intelligent interlocking lock system with pneumatic or electromagnetic locks helps minimize cross-contamination into the cleanroom area, ensuring safety for users.
– Air Filter: HEPA filter effectively filters dust particles of 0.3 micron with a filtration efficiency of 99.99%, ensuring safety and meeting cleanroom standards.
– Air nozzles are equipped with high air velocity ranging from 20-33m/s, ensuring necessary friction for effective removal of polluted air particles.
– For pass boxes with UV germicidal lamps, when the door is closed, the UV lamp automatically activates to sterilize, preventing the intrusion of bacteria into the cleanroom, ensuring safety for users.


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