• Project: Thanh Hoa Endocrine Hospital
  • Address: Alley 958, Quang Trung Street, Quang Thinh Ward, Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa
  • Categories: Air conditioning supply

Elevating the quality of treatment at Thanh Hoa Endocrine Hospital with modern air conditioning systems

A journey to provide optimal treatment environment for patients:

– Situated in a crucial location in Thanh Hoa province, Thanh Hoa Endocrine Hospital plays a significant role in healthcare for the local community. Enhancing the quality of services, particularly the treatment environment, is always the hospital’s top priority.

Modern air conditioning system – Practical solution:

– Understanding the importance of air conditioning for the health of patients, especially those with weakened immune systems due to endocrine disorders, Thanh Hoa Endocrine Hospital has collaborated with INTECH Group to implement a project to supply modern air conditioning systems.

Highlights of the project:

– Advanced technology: The system utilizes inverter technology to save energy, operates smoothly, minimizes noise, and creates a tranquil environment for patients to rest.

– Effective air filtration: The system is equipped with PM2.5 fine dust filters, odor elimination, bacteria eradication, ensuring clean air to protect the health of patients.

– Suitable design: The system is uniquely designed for each functional area of the hospital, ensuring it meets diverse usage needs.

Practical benefits:

– Enhancing treatment quality: A comfortable and safe treatment environment helps patients feel better psychologically, contributing to the effectiveness of treatment.

– Health protection: The air filtration system protects patients from harmful agents such as fine dust, bacteria, and viruses.

– Cost savings: The energy-saving system helps the hospital reduce operating costs.

The modern air conditioning system at Thanh Hoa Endocrine Hospital is evidence of the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to patients.

The project not only contributes to enhancing the quality of treatment but also demonstrates the hospital’s concern for the health and well-being of patients.

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