• Project: Alina Eye Hospital
  • Address: Mimosa Villa Area, Ecopark Urban Area, Xuan Quan Commune, Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
  • Categories: Construction of hospital operating room system

Recognizing the importance of improving the quality of healthcare services, Alina has invested in constructing a modern operating room system according to international standards.

Modern operating room system:

Advanced design:

– According to JCI standards.

– Ensuring an absolutely sterile environment.

– Tightly controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure.

State-of-the-art equipment:

– From leading world suppliers such as Zeiss, Nidek, Haag-Streit…

– Optimizing efficiency and accuracy for each surgical procedure.

– Professional operation procedures:

– Applying strict operation procedures and quality control according to international standards.

– Ensuring maximum safety for patients throughout the treatment process.

– Benefits of the modern operating room system:

Enhanced surgical efficiency:

– Helping surgeons perform more precise, effective, and safe surgeries.

– Contributing to increasing the success rate for each treatment.

Reduced recovery time:

– Thanks to the sterile environment and advanced equipment.

– Helping patients quickly return to normal life.

Perfect treatment experience:

– Providing a comfortable, reassuring experience and minimizing stress for patients.

– Modern operating room system

Evidence of Alina’s commitment:

– Commitment to providing high-quality and safe healthcare services to the community.

– Marking a significant step forward in improving the quality of healthcare services in Vietnam.

– Contributing to bringing the domestic healthcare sector to the level of advanced countries worldwide.

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