• Project: Tan Dan General Hospital
  • Address: Tan An Town, Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province
  • Categories: Provision of cleanroom equipment

Located in Tan An Town, Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province, Tan Dan General Hospital is a reputable healthcare facility playing a crucial role in providing healthcare services to the local residents. To enhance the quality of medical services and ensure safety for patients, the hospital has implemented a project to provide a modern cleanroom system for key areas such as operating rooms, aseptic treatment areas, and pharmaceutical preparation areas.

Cleanroom System – A Breakthrough in Healthcare:

– Advanced design: The system is designed according to international GMP standards, ensuring an absolutely sterile environment and tight control over factors such as dust, bacteria, and mold.

– Modern equipment: The system is equipped with advanced equipment such as HEPA air filters, pressure control systems, and disinfection systems, ensuring an absolute safe environment for patients and healthcare staff.

– Professional operation procedures: The hospital applies strict operation procedures and quality control according to international standards, ensuring the efficient operation of the cleanroom system.

Practical benefits:

– Maximum reduction of infection risk: The cleanroom system helps protect patients, especially those with weakened immune systems after surgery or treatment of dangerous diseases, from the risk of infection.

– Improved quality of healthcare services: The cleanroom system ensures the quality of healthcare services, enhancing the effectiveness of treatment and safety for patients.

– Enhanced brand reputation: Investing in a modern cleanroom system demonstrates Tan Dan General Hospital’s concern for the health and safety of patients, contributing to enhancing the hospital’s brand reputation.

The modern cleanroom system at Tan Dan General Hospital is evidence of the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality and safe healthcare services to the people of Bac Giang.

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